8 Ingenious Methods To Put Yourself To Sleep


Every night at midnight, I face this crisis. “I need to sleep soon, because I have a meeting tomorrow early morning.”

But sleep eludes me, like a prankster hell bent upon seeing me in agony the next day morning. And so I pass the time, in excruciating awareness that each tick followed by a tick on my bedside clock means that much less time before I have to be up the next day morning.

Obviously this induced stress only adds to the saga of wakefulness. But over time, I have developed some sure shot methods to lull my mind into sleep on time.

Here are a few:

1.     Start preparing for sleep early. Don’t wait till you are sleepy to actually change into your pajamas and brush your teeth. Start the ritual early. With no escape in sight, in terms of distractions, your mind will succumb.

 2.     Develop a ‘for sleeping’ reading list. Not your usual engrossing readings, but something more on the lines of ‘the secret’ or ‘Geetanjali’. These are quieter, contemplative readings and will help you unwind.

 3.     Think up a scenario in the future. Say, the day you will finally meet your cousin living in the States; or when you will finally get the pet you have been wanting. Go into the minute details of that imaginary frame. This will take you into a semi dream-like state and slumber will follow soon.

Warning: Do not delve in the past. If the floodgate of memories opens up on you, there is no respite. So beware!

 4.     Offload that worry to the future you. In case there is some stress that is keeping you up at night, just delegate the emotion to the future you of tomorrow morning and get your present mind unburdened. If you have a spiritual guru or if you believe in the almighty, your task becomes manifold simpler. Just ask the superior power to take care of your worry while you refresh yourself with some healthy sleep. It is quite therapeutic. Trust me.

 5.     Get a special cuddler/comforter: Sleeping postures also go a long way in determining how soon you get a wink. A fetal position, with a pillow or a cushion as a ‘cuddler’ and a soft comforter has done the trick for me always.

 6.     Warm beverages help (non caffeinated): Oh what better end to a day than a mug of hot chocolate or an aromatic green tea? Hot beverages release the ‘feel good’ hormones in your system and put you in a mood for rest.

 7.     Ambient lighting: A bright room with a stark bulb or tube light is too hurtful to the tired eyes, while a completely dark room makes your senses on the alert – its primal instincts. Hence sleep evades. Try an ambivalent soothing yellow light, maybe a concealed rope light in the false ceiling, or a small origami paper lamp throwing just enough light to make you comfortable.

 8.     A sleep playlist: Same as the reading list, make sure this has soothing, intoxicating notes without a single jarring decibel. Listening to the same songs every night will automatically put your mind in the ‘sleep’ mode when the playlist sounds.

That’s the 8 reasons to put me to sleep. Anyone have any ideas on how to wake myself up on time? 

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©Isha Talsania for PosterGully.com



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