You Know You’re a Potterhead When…


1. You turn to Page number 394 on books

Admit it. We’ve all done this. We’ve also tried to say ‘Turn to page 394’ in that sexy Alan Rickman voice, but failed. Quite miserably, I might add. All my Alan Rickman fangirls say heyy!


2. When you get married, you want to say ‘always’ instead of ‘I do’

And while we’re at it, why not go for a full-blown Harry Potter themed wedding? A Snitch shaped wedding cake, everyone in robes, wedding cards with the Hogwarts seal, wine in bottles marked Felix Felicis. You know, the works. Talk about being so totally wizard.



3. You tried calling 62442 to see what happens

62442. The number that Arthur Weasley rang to reach The Ministry of Magic. When typed into a cell phone with predictive text, it spells out ‘Magic’.  62442 is more than a number to you, it’s magic!


4. Every sparkler on Diwali is a wand

While the other kids in the block waved around their phuljhaddis spelling out their names in the smoke-filled air, you flicked and swished your one muttering ‘Accio!’ and ‘Wingardium Leviosa!’, baffling your parents and all the muggles around you.


5. You know more about Quidditch than Football

Rooney? Messi? Renaldo? Who are you even talking about? Ask me about Viktor Krum, Gwenog Jones or Clara Ivanova . From the hoops on either side of the Quidditch field to the playing team’s colours, you know it all. Muggle world sports? Meh.


6. The pattern to unlock your phone is a firebolt

So, I guess I need to change my phone’s lock after this article is out . We’ve all had this at one point of time. While we’re at it, the number 62442 also figures in the list of passwords and also, ‘Nitwit!’, ‘Blubber!’, ‘Oddment!’ and ‘Tweak!’.  Or maybe it’s just me. *shrugs*


7. You waited for your Hogwarts acceptance letter

You turned 11 and you wanted nothing more than an owl swooping into your home, carrying that letter with the Hogwarts seal. You wanted it more than the latest bicycle or even the new Xbox that had recently hit the markets.  Disappointment followed. But hey, we’ve all gone through it.


8. Ugly rats remind you of Peter Pettigrew

Thankfully, none of them turn into a fully-grown man on a mission to help the greatest evil wizard of all time to come back to power. The rats seem a whole lot cuter now, don’t they?


9. You compare teachers you don’t like to Dolores Umbridge

And I bet none of them come even close. From her toad-like face to her fluffy pink cardigans to her penchant for cruel punishments, Umbridge is probably one of the most hated characters in the history of literature.  And you couldn’t just help loving the centaurs by the end of book five.



10. You hope to find someone as crazy about HP as you are

And when you do, you wish to spend all of eternity with them.



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