5 Things Guys Should NOT Do ‘To Get Girls’

It is truly frustrating to watch all the videos and pointers guys give to girls to make them more desirable to them. So I decided it was time for the tables to turn. Here are the 5 things guys should not do and girls should be aware of.

1. Don’t point out the changes a girl needs to make in herself for you to be attracted to her. Like someone for who they are, not for what you want them to be. To make it simple, some people like burgers and others prefer pizza but never try to change pizza into a burger because that will leave you with a ruined pizza and no burger.




2. Everybody is familiar with the term friendzone. A guy who claims he’s been FZ, needs to remember that the girl rejected their proposal because she was not attracted to you and not because you were her friend prior to the proposal. Whining and crying over the fact that a girl rejected you will never gain you any points with other girls.




3. Which brings me to the next ‘do not do’. The Nice-Guy paradox. A guy who claims that he’s the nice guy and nice guys never get a chance with the girl is contradicting his own admission. Nice guys are judged by their actions and not by claiming to be one. If you were a good friend and a nice guy then you were doing what a friend is supposed to do. When a girl says no, respect her wishes and don’t let your inner douche out.




4. A girl doesn’t owe you anything. Being a friend is not an investment and a relationship is certainly not an ATM. You don’t give them your love and care to receive a profitable output. There is a mutual love and respect in every relationship (platonic or un-platonic) and except that the world owes you nothing.




5. We live in the 21st century so guys should drop the Neanderthal act and stop stereotyping women. We make our own way and women are in no way behind men except maybe in equality. Don’t slim your chances to a good relationship by demeaning females.


giphy (1)


Seeing that all of the above doesn’t apply to every male and not every girl is an angel, I’ll just give one last advice. Don’t Hate. Either it’s a guy, a girl, a race or a culture; nothing ever comes out of hatred. Also,

Never be Snape, always be Ron, the Friendzone King.

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